Are you looking for in-floor heating in New Zealand?

Are you looking for in-floor heating in New Zealand? We at In-floor Heating can help you out. At Infloor Heating, you can be confident of getting the best when it comes to the installation of an in-floor heating system in your home.If you are renovating or building your new home and have decided to acquire a cost-effective home heating system, In-Floor Heating can get it done for you. You can have an in-floor heating system installed in your bedroom, entrance ways, kitchens, or your bathroom. Feel free to contact us, and we will be right there for you!

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What are In-floor Heating Systems?

In-floor heating is a total heating system that usually replaces regular radiators mounted on the wall. In-floor heating or underfloor heating does not only provide the comfort of a warm floor, but it also makes the entire room more comfortable. It brings comfort to the room by making the room’s air quality better. The in-floor heating system is of two types- water-based or electric. We can get any of these two types of in-floor heating system installed for you with the help of our professionals.



In-floor Heating Systems- the Perfect Solution for Comfort

In-floor heating system, also known as underfloor heating is an excellent way of keeping your home warm. It feels great to walk on and helps to distribute heat uniformly all over the room. When you have an in-floor heating system installed in your home, you no longer have to bother yourself about radiators or hot surfaces when younger members of the family are around. The heating system is hidden from the surface and won’t become too hot on the surface.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat also helps to make the air quality of the room better. It helps to keep the room’s atmosphere oxygen-rich and fresh. We all know what it feels like to be in discomfort, and that can be avoided when we have an in-floor heating system installed in our home. By contrast, high temperatures resulting from radiators reduce oxygen levels and causes discomfort. The circulation of thermal energy or heat from the air going upward to the ceiling and downward makes all the dust to circulate, which is not the case with a floor heating system.


Our In-floor Heating Services

    • Provision of top-quality products and brands
    • We provide energy-efficient solutions
    • Making hard floors or surfaces more comfortable to walk on


Electronic control panel

These systems also come with a controller. The controllers are generally an electronic control panel which is fixed to the wall. The controller enables you to have total control in regulating the floor temperature. That ensures the overall or maximum efficiency of your in-floor heating system.


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